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We’re in business to inspire exploration.

At Push Pin Maps, we appreciate that people are busy. With more distractions at our fingertips than ever before, we sometimes forget how amazing travel can be – both for our sense of adventure, and the restorative effect it can have on the mind, body, and soul.

Eric grew up climbing trees, riding his four-wheeler in the woods for hours, and camping in the summer with his parents. I grew up traveling in an RV with my parents, following the summer drag racing circuit in which my Dad and I participated. Eric and I were both fortunate to study abroad in college and travel to near and far places in our teens and twenties. Yet, as so many people do, we dug ourselves into a hole, both in terms of debt and free-time, while earning degrees, getting jobs, and buying a house. While we were living a textbook America Dream, we knew something was missing. Pretty soon, the things we both loved – being in nature and exploring new places – happened very, very rarely.

Push Pin Maps grew out of our dream to encourage ourselves and others to do what you love, more often. For us and our customers, that is traveling. Our dream didn’t happen overnight. But working day and night, and weekends and holidays for four years is now affording us the opportunity of a lifetime: to live full time in a camper van, traveling the United States and Canada, with our two small children. And we want to take you along for the ride.

Our maps will continue to be handmade in and shipped from our printing partner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, while we run operations (with help from our customer service team) remotely from the comforts of our 170” wheelbase home on wheels.

Eric and I try to live everyday as though it may be our last. Pushing ourselves to grow has resulted in our favorite life experiences, and we’re excited about this next chapter. We hope to inspire you and your family to explore new places and grow together. And if you’d like to pin your adventures along the way, we’ve got a map for you.

From our family, we’re so excited you're here.

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